PARC’s Quality Therapist for your Physiotherapy needs in Whitby!

Physiotherapy appointments in Whitby and nearby Ontario areas are offered by the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centers of Ontario. The team of therapist they offer are trained to deal with a very broad range of complications, pain and discomfort a person may be experiencing. Various forms of musculoskeletal problems that a person may be experiencing can be addressed and aided by the therapist of PARC. Whether if its discomforts and persisting pains, episodes of weakness in the muscles of a person, or if a person suffers from a limitation in his/her movement the physio in Whitby that PARC offers can help you.

The physical therapy that we provide can only be done after our team has fully assessed and evaluated your health and current medical condition and ensured that this therapy won’t disrupt and other therapies or affect medications that you are taking. Once the assessment is complete, our team can provide the right therapy that your body needs. The physiotherapy in Whitby offered by our experts are designed to improve flexibility and endurance to strengthen the muscles. Aside from massages, you may also experience electrical, laser, ultrasound and other therapies to aid recovery. The goal isn’t just recovery but to also protect your body so that any pain or immobility will be avoided in the future. Those who may have encountered accidents causing partial paralysis or weakness to the muscles can avail of the many therapies to allow them to return to a normal life and not remain a victim to events, but be victor in adversaries.


Services Offered and Areas

To those who want to avail of the physio in Whitby services that PARC offers, dial 1 905-430-2112. Schedule the appointments you need and learn more about the services we offer. Our centers are located in various areas in Ontario. All centers provide these services so you can select the area which is most accessible to you. Aside from the center in Whitby, we also have one in Bowmanville, Brampton, Ajax, Scarborough, Mississauga, Oshawa and Curtis. If you wish to inquire more or go to our site in Whitby, the address is at 701 Rossland Road East Unit 2-3, Whitby, ON L1N 8Y9. Visit us and get the therapy that you need!

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