Advanced Technology

At PARC ONTARIO we offer advanced treatment options that are available to our patients. Our locations are equipped with Shock Wave…

Working closely with your Primary Health Care Providers and Medical Specialists is important to us, and important to the management of your health…

All of our locations are wheelchair accessible, and most of our locations are open 6 days a week! To ensure that you can recover faster, and more…


The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre – Offering Quality Therapy Services All Over Ontario


What is the difference between Chiropractic Care and Physiotherapy?
How do I submit a claim to my extended health care?
Do I require a Doctor Referral?
How do I find out how much funding I am covered for through my Extended Health Care plan?

 Why Parc of Ontario?

Our Technological services has been improved vastly

Come Experience our new treatment interventions such as Traction Therapy and Shock Wave Therapy

Did You Know?

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Have you been injured in a car accident?

  • Motor vehicle accident related injuries.
  • Work place related injuries.
  • Sports related injuries

For patients with a new episode of low back pain, prompt access to physiotherapy is cost and time effective.

More than 70% of patients required only a single clinic visit and less than 5% needed to be referred to a specialist.

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Let us Help you recover

Our energetic professionals are here to see you through your entire rehabilitation process. We are committed to offering top quality and most up to date treatments to all of our patients ensuring the quickest and most complete recovery possible. You can expect understanding, patience, caring, integrity and excellent clinical knowledge when you visit our centres.

PARC Ontario ensures that all their health professionals are fully licensed and, in addition to participating in continuing education, have years of clinical experience.

We bill directly to your insurance company and correspond directly with WSIB. We also offer free parking at all our locations.

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