Sports Therapy In Whitby And Its Benefit To Health

Services We Offer for Sports Therapy in Scarborough

We at PARC of Ontario are a team of highly-trained professionals whose main goal is to offer the best physiotherapy services to our clients. Our sports therapy in Scarborough is just one of the major services we offer that is specifically aimed towards athletes as well as sports-inclined individuals who want to improve their performance and at the same time recover from injuries.

The first step for this service is the assessment. This may come in the form of neuromuscular checks as well as observance of any presence of discrepancies in bodily function. Clients with sports injuries are being checked for function of their different body systems to determine the severity of damage. This will help in plotting a specific course or program for recovery and rehabilitation.


The next step involves creating a specific program based on the client’s assessment. The length and duration depends on the age of the client, the specific injury, the possibility of resistance to treatment, and coping skills of the individual. The advice of other members of the medical team involved in the therapy is also taken into consideration during program development.

During the ongoing therapy session, certain changes to the program will be implemented. This is to create a treatment course which is flexible to meet the improvements of the client as the program commences.

As the treatment course comes to end, follow-up evaluations and orientations will be issued by our expert team of professionals. This is to ensure that the client is equipped with the right knowledge on total wellness before completely ending the therapy.

Promoting Wellness through Sports Physical Therapy

Our Sports Therapy in Scarborough is not only focused on the treatment of injuries. Its aim is also to educate clients regarding the prevention of possible injuries in the future as well as to promote proper recovery techniques in order to achieve prime function even after an injury.

For sports therapy in Scarborough and in other parts of Canada, we at PARC of Ontario see to it that you are treated with the necessary skill and professionalism to bring you pack to your peak performance state. Our therapies are fun and enjoyable, making the entire process a wonderful journey towards achieving wellness.

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