The Right Shoe Can Protect You From Injury

The Right Shoe Can Protect You From Injury

Sport-related injuries can be wildly frustrating. Depending on the severity of an injury, an individual could need rest and relaxation — or surgery. In addition to any necessary gear for your sport, particular attention should be paid to the shoes you wear.


Choosing an Appropriate Shoe

Depending on the sport you play, you’ll need a specific shoe. Aerobic shoes are lightweight to avoid trips or falls, while basketball shoes require thick soles and a “high top” to provide ankle support. The sport with a diverse variety of shoes is running.

Every person has a different, natural way of running. The way you run and your body composition can make a person prone to certain injuries. For example, people with “flat feet” put stress on their lower leg muscles when running, resulting in shin splints. Combat this with a good insole, and/or purchasing a shoe with great arch support.


Where to Find It

If you play a sport or participate in an activity more than a couple times a week, invest in a specialty shoe. For runners, some stores have a specialist watch you run on a treadmill and recommend a shoe. A specialty store makes recommendations for the right shoe for a specific sport.

When purchasing a shoe, use these guidelines:

● Can I comfortably wiggle my toes inside the shoe?
● Does my heel slip when I walk or run?
● Did I walk around the store in my shoes, and try out some jumping jacks or squats?

If a pair of shoes isn’t comfortable in the store, they won’t feel better later.


If You’re Injured or Have Pain

If you find yourself with an injury, seeing a physical therapist is a smart choice. We can create a plan tailored to your needs and get you back to activities you love! Call The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre of Ontario at (905) 579-9938 for your physical therapy needs.

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