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Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to recover from an injury or surgery. When most people think of physiotherapy, they think about exercises and working with chiropractors, physical therapists and other experts, who will help them regain their mobility, reduce pain, and get back to their normal routine. However this purely physical therapy, may not necessarily provide the right support and might not be enough to promote rapid recovery alone. Your diet and ensuring you get the right nutrition can be just as important as the therapy itself.

This is why doctors often recommend meeting with a nutritionist, to make sure you are eating properly and getting the right vitamins, nutrients and energy to promote recovery. If you’re eating too much junk food, drinking more than a small glass of alcohol each day, or simply eating the wrong foods, you could hinder the healing process, slowing down your recovery time and cause further damage to your body.

The question is, what is the proper nutrition, Whitby residents should focus on to get well? The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre of Ontario doesn’t just focus on providing the right therapies – be it in chiropractic, acupuncture, and other physiotherapeutic treatments – but will also help you in choosing the right foods.

As a general rule, patients and other individuals who may need recovery from a certain complication should think about having a diet that’s high in protein, as protein is used to repair and heal damaged tissues. So a high protein diet could mean faster recovery. Carbohydrates are another essential component that Whitby nutrition experts recommend as it is the best source of energy for your body. When you’re low in carbohydrates, your body naturally uses protein to keep going, the protein should be used for healing. A moderate intake of fats is also recommended by Whitby nutrition experts.

Fatty acids found in milk and yogurt are usually used in creating new cell membranes. The other nutrients that Whitby patients should take are vitamin A, C and Zinc. Vitamin C is helpful in healing wounds as it is an antioxidant and strengthens the skin. Vitamin A is also an antioxidant and it can help fight infection. Zinc helps in the synthesizing of proteins which makes it an important part of your diet. Pair this with the therapy that the PARC provides and recovery will go much faster.

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We not only offer physical therapy, but can help you make the the right dietary choices with skilled Whitby nutrition experts. Call PARC today!