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Proper nutrition is essential for you and your families health, growth, and even happiness, but when you are faced with tight schedules, easy to make junk food, and fat filled fast food, it’s easy to ignore nutrition for convenience. So we tend to only eat healthy after we’re faced with sky rocketing weight gain, poor health and a lack of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that leave us feeling tired, depressed and listless.

When you’re injured, your body needs to use energy to recover. Proper nutrition gives us the fuel to heal our body, yet if you’ve gone for months or years eating unhealthy foods, your energy levels and your ability to heal are going to be very low, slowing your recovery time and increasing the chance of complications. The consumption of food rich in nutrients that you need will speed up healing processes by enabling our bodies to battle any toxins, strengthen our muscles, energize itself and improve bodily functions such as metabolism.

Nutrition is the most effective medicine in physiotherapy. With every part of rehabilitation from physical exercise to rebuild muscles, to relearning how to move, a healthy dietary plan has to be established to work alongside it. While we can certainly learn to eat properly on your own, consulting a health care specialist who can help you develop meal plans, discover what your body is lacking and teach you how much food your body needs will keep you from making potentially costly and painful mistakes. At PARC of Ontario we have local Scraborough nutrition specialists that can take care of your every dietary plans.

Why choose PARC of Ontario?

At the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre of Ontario, we will help you with utmost dedication and professionalism, just like we’ve been doing for twenty years.

We have the best people in the industry under our roof, who continually offer the greatest possible care to our patients, helping them with every step of their physiotherapy and rehabilitation. PARC also recognizes the vital role nutrition plays in getting you healthy again, so we also have professionals to assess and monitor your dietary and nutrition needs in Scarborough.

Whether you come to our center due to an accident, illness, weight problem or some other reason, be assured that we can come up with a well-planned program for nutrition in Scarborough that’s suited just for your needs, along with other treatment plans. Our mission is to bring back to health, no matter what your age or health problem is.

When getting nutrition counseling with PARC of Ontario, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve partnered with third party establishments who will test and maintain our world-class facilities to keep it at peak condition. Our advanced technology and field expertise will make your rehabilitation an enjoyable experience.


The Center is very patient-friendly. We’ve designed it so that every corner is easily accessible even for people who are in wheelchairs or who have difficulty walking. No matter what you’re condition is, you’re welcome at PARC – the best rehabilitation provider and special nutrition in Scarborough.

Book an appointment with PARC (The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres of Ontario) in Scarborough through (416) 430-0314 or email us at: . If you want to drop by, we are located at 2100 Ellesmere Road. Suite 242 Scarborough, Ontario. We are open from Monday to Saturday, starting from 9AM. For more updates, follow us in Facebook and Google+.