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Rehabilitation therapies must include proper nutrition. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is not all about physical therapy, but also eating properly to get you on track to a speedy recovery. Dietitians have always been partners with physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors. Your diet is one of the foundations for your recovery. The nutrients that are a part of your daily intake gives your body the building blocks to speed up in recovery, without them your therapy will be slowed and could even cause further injury. This is why the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre of Ontario not only provides physical therapy, but can suggest the right nutrition for Mississauga residents. Our Mississauga nutrition experts work hand in hand with our team to ensure that you will make the right food choices during recovery.

During your therapy there are a number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals you should ensure are part of your diet.

Since the aim is to repair damaged tissue and muscles, than your diet should be high in protein, as protein is used to repair damaged tissues and muscles. Creating more and healthier cells and membranes to encourage healing injured parts of the body is another factor, so Mississauga nutrition experts recommend introducing more fatty acids into your diet. Zinc is also necessary as it aids in the construction of these proteins and membranes. Vitamin C should also be taken due to the added protection that it provides to our body. Vitamin C also helps in building collagen for our skin as well as new blood vessels. Vitamin A should also be among the top vitamins to be considered due to its anti-oxidant properties and alleviating inflamed areas on the body.

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The PARC of Ontario has been in business for over 2 decades and can provide the necessary guidance for you to recover or to simply live a healthier lifestyle. If you wish to contact us and learn from the experts in nutrition, Mississauga residents can visit the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre of Ontario located at 4088 Confederation Pkwy Mississauga, Ontario, Canada?. Our centers can be a hub of recovery and relaxation that you and your family can easily access. You can also call us by dialing +1 905-897-2092 if you have any inquiries about the service or if you wish to schedule an appointment with us.

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