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In every physiotherapy program, nutrition is of utmost importance. Despite every physical effort to recuperate, without the right nutrition it will be a slow, painful process that could all too easily end in failure. Remember that the body is the foundation of everything, and nutrition is the fuel that drives your body, not only with everyday things, but healing as well. If you aren’t eating properly you won’t have the energy to do the necessary exercises and your body won’t be able to completely fix itself even with the best possible care.

When you’ve undergone any form of surgery, it is very important to watch your diet. You must have vitamin A, to boost your immune system. To help your body have the energy to heal itself and so ensure your muscles get the necessary oxygen, a healthy dose of Vitamin B12 is essential. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential for your tendons, bone and blood vessels and acts as an antioxidant. Carbohydrates are an important energy source, while protein aids by helping you restore your muscles after sustaining an injury. Patients who’ve undergone surgery for cardiovascular diseases need a modified diet. Dietary experts are likely to provide them with a low-fat vegetarian diet. A low fat diet regulates the production of blood lipids, especially cholesterol. Each vitamin and mineral present in food addresses a body need. With the right combination of vitamins and minerals, the body will quickly begin to work alongside the medicine and therapy to heal itself, and the best way to get these vitamins isn’t pills, but the food you eat. Now that you know what the body needs, how can PARC help you attain good nutrition in Ajax?

Why choose PARC for your Ajax nutrition needs?

Having been in the field for 20 years, we have developed expertise in all areas of physical therapy and rehabilitation, encompassing health and nutrition in Ajax. Our centers are located all over Ontario, so that it’s accessible to every patient looking for rehabilitation services and nutrition advice. We have a dream team of professionals, experts in their areas, and our combined efforts will help you return to health as quickly as possible.

To cater to your dietary needs, we have some of the best Ajax nutrition experts to help you. We will make a thorough assessment of your condition, check your medical history, determine the areas you need to focus on, and consider your overall lifestyle. Let us guide you at every phase of our program, helping you make the right dietary decisions that will get you back on your feet, healthier than ever. PARC is your one stop facility that houses physical therapy, rehabilitation and nutrition experts in Ajax.

Our center also is designed so that your visit will be comfortable. Housed inside under our roof is world-class equipment and tools.

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