Functional Abilities Evaluation

Using the advanced and reliable tools in the field, our therapist will do functional abilities evaluation on the patient. The purpose of this evaluation is to measure the patient’s functional abilities both before and after the recovery and rehabilitation therapy.  Depending on the results of the evaluation, the therapist may have to make changes in the treatment program when it becomes necessary. This new physical therapy program will still have the same objective but will be adjusted to the condition and circumstances of the patient.

This functional abilities evaluation becomes also very vital when determining if the patient is fit and ready to return to work or engage in activities that may be considered strenuous or those that may have an impact on the health of the patient. Our primary purpose on this area is the safety of the patient so we will ensure that no harm will result when using devices or machines that may demand some functional skills. We will also institute programs that will be aimed at hastening the improvement of the patient’s functional ability.

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