Five Benefits of Brisk, Daily Walking

Five Benefits of Brisk, Daily Walking

Walking is one of the best and easiest forms of exercise because it doesn’t require heavy equipment and almost anyone can do it. Whether it’s walking up the stairs en route to the office or taking our dog for a walk in the park, this simple task also happens to have many health benefits.

Here are some of these benefits to daily, brisk walking:

Five Benefits of Brisk, Daily Walking

1. Healthy weight. Increasing our daily activity helps regulate metabolism and keeps a body from storing excess fat. Incorporate a healthy diet with this activity to make the most of this added exercise.

2. Inexpensive. Walking only requires loose, comfortable clothing and a well-fitted pair of shoes that provide support. This exercise also saves money on transit and gasoline (e.g. when we choose to walk to the store/gym/school/work) instead of taking a bus or car.

3. Improves our mood. Daily, brisk walking boosts brain activity by increasing blood and energy flow. This helps make us feel energized, focused, and alert.

4. Tones muscles. Muscle atrophy is a condition in which muscles start to waste away due to decreased activity. To prevent this condition, walking helps get our muscles moving.

5. Keeps us young. Walking decreases our risk of developing memory problems, lack of bone density, and other types of impairments. Keeping fit as we age can increase our longevity and mobility.

Five Benefits of Brisk, Daily Walking

Walking provides many overall health benefits. Speak to your general physician (GP) before beginning any exercise program.

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