Being able to handle a vehicle has become a vital component in our daily lives. It has become a necessity and it is only natural for a person who has been under rehabilitation or recovery to wish to be able to drive a vehicle once again. While some may think that knowledge in driving may never be lost, the reality is that patients may not be able to adapt immediately to the new driving experience due to their medical experience.

Fully aware of the situation, we have expanded our services beyond the conventional to help the patients in allowing them to drive a vehicle once again. This retraining is very critical in light of the injuries sustained by the patient which may have a huge effect in the functional abilities required in driving.

To achieve this, we offer a comprehensive program designed to enhance their driving skills and to improve bodily functions necessary for safe driving. We will make sure that the patient has already relearned the driving skills satisfactorily before allowing him or her in the driver’s seat.

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