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Orthoses are artificial devices, such as braces and insoles, to help with mobility problems and alleviating pain, by correcting structural defects in your body. They are specially made for people who suffer medical conditions related to the neuromuscular and skeletal system which may affect legs, arms and other extremities, such conditions include: scoliosis, stroke, cerebral palsy and injuries, which weaken muscles, kill nerves, stretch tendons and ligaments, and cause other problems. The purpose of Orthoses is to control joint, muscle and bone alignment, guiding and sometimes restricting movement of your joints. Orthotics is the process of designing and manufacturing these products.

When accidents happen and knees are affected, or you suffer from osteoarthritis, your mobility will be greatly reduced. Running, walking, kneeling, even sitting at a desk can be close to impossible, especially post-surgery. This is where custom knee braces in Scarborough are needed. Knee braces work by protecting your knee joint, muscles and tendons when you move, keeping your joint moving naturally, and helping deal with the impact from everyday movement. They should be properly fitted so as to provide the ultimate support and comfort, which you won’t find with an over the counter brace. For this reason, physical therapists highly recommend getting custom made braces, as every injury and person is different requiring different kinds of support and help. To make sure you get the best quality Scarborough custom knee braces, contact us.

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Servicing clients since 1995, PARC of Ontario is a trusted name in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation field. We have a strong team of professionals who carefully assess your injuries and make a detailed plan to get you back in shape. We provide extensive care and the technology we use are first-rate.

When it comes to providing custom knee braces in Scarborough, we can guarantee that our team of experts will use their years of experience to give you the best possible care. After a careful assessment, we will begin creating the perfect custom-made knee brace custom made for you.

Custom knee braces in Scarborough are made from high-quality materials, and are often a mixture of plastic, metal, synthetic rubber and moldable foam padding for comfort and support. Our extensive training and experience allows us to determine the design that will suit you best. So when you’re in need of custom knee braces, PARC of Ontario in Scarborough should be your first choice.

Don’t let yourself suffer from immobility and decreased movement, contact PARC now, for custom knee braces, neck braces and even spinal cord braces.

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