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Compression therapy is one therapy which doctors and medical experts recommend due to the very obvious relief that patients feel almost immediately upon beginning therapy. People use compression socks and stocking for a variety of problems ranging from discomfort, swelling, joint pains, and illness. But compression socks & stockings are not all alike, and the compression that they provide may not achieve what is promised. Compression levels of these stockings provide different degrees of relief, comfort and curative effects. A person may need a higher or lower amount of compression depending on what the problem is.

These socks and stockings aren’t just a simple piece of clothing, but actual medical equipment. Compression socks & stockings are known to provide various benefits, the most well known benefit is on how it alleviates pain and swelling in the leg, which makes it ideal to be used by pregnant mothers. Mild to moderate compression is recommended for these simple cases. Higher levels of compression can limit and minimizes chronic venous diseases such as venous ulcers. PARC of Ontario not only offers compression products, but they have an elite team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other experts who have done extensive work in their fields and know what level of compression you need. Since PARC has been in business for 2 decades, you can be sure, that success and excellence comes hand in hand.

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre of Ontario (PARC) offers genuine and high quality compression socks & stockings for Whitby residents. It offers compression socks of various levels from:

  • Light which provides a compression rate of 8 to 15mmHg;
  • Mild with 15 to 20mmHg;
  • Moderate offering 20-30mmHg; and Firm support for 30-40mmHg. Each level can provide the ideal amount of compression for treatment or comfort depending on your body structure or complication or if you are pregnant.

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