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Rebuilding your health is no small feat. It requires dedication, patience, motivation and help. Patients who’ve undergone orthopedic surgery often find themselves experiencing pain, sometimes extreme pain. While this is normal, the discomfort associated with this needs to be managed. Along with the pain, other complications can also arise from trauma from the surgery itself, common ones include edema (leg swelling), thrombosis (blood clotting), muscle weakness and fatigue. If not addressed quickly, these problems can become chronic and cause other health problems.

To manage post-surgical complications resulting from musculoskeletal surgeries, physical therapists recommend the use of compression socks and stockings in Scarborough. These specially made garments are stretchy enough to be work like leggings around your legs, while tight enough to encourage the blood flow inside blood vessels and lymphatic system . Pressure is applied tightest in the ankle and goes up to the knee. Compression socks and stockings in Scarborough allow for easier movement, keep legs feeling energized, decrease venous stasis and venous pressure. The pressure from these compressors are measured in mmHg. There are two types of compression socks and stockings: gradient and anti-embolism. Gradient is usually utilized by people who are ambulatory, while those who are still in bed rest in anti-embolism ones. Without compression socks or stockings, there’s a huge tendency that blood will clot inside the veins, which may result in Thrombosis, pool in your legs (Edema) and other unhealthy and potentially lethal conditions. That’s why you need expert help when it comes to therapy.

Why Choose PARC Scarborough?

PARC of Ontario is the most trusted name in physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs. Established in 1995, we’ve helped countless patients return to their normal routines through our intervention programs. Our training is extensive and our experience is unequaled. Every new discovery in the field is used to make our service more effective.

We see to it that each patient gets individual attention. When it comes to your Scarborough area compression socks and stockings needs, our professional advice is given carefully to ensure you get the best possible help. Choosing what compression socks and stockings in Scarborough is difficult without a proper initial assessment. At PARC, this is what we provide. Through a full assessment of your medical condition, your lifestyle, and your physiology, we give top-notch recommendations. The necessity of compression stockings or socks is determined, and our highly skilled professionals will see that you get one that is customized just for you

To ensure your comfort and health, our center boasts of its high-class facilities and design. To make your stay enjoyable, we have friendly staff who are ready to be of assistance. Every area in the center is accessible even for those who have mobility problems, and we have training equipment for every possible problem. Other services include chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and acupuncture, alongside physiotherapy.

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Compression socks and stockings in Scarborough are a vital part of your recovery process, that must be worn to help speed up the recuperation process, don’t risk your health with the wrong type.