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Of the many therapies to treat various ailments and complications, compression therapy is one of the most popular applied therapies due to ease of use and simple materials. A simple sock which provides the right level of compression can be used to treat a wide range of complications.

The question that many people ask is if this compression treatment is actually effective? The answer is yes, compression therapy has a wide range of benefits that has been documented in scientific research. One of the noted results is its efficacy in managing chronic venous diseases, lymphedema, venous ulcer (active and healed), post-thrombotic syndrome and many more.

All of these benefits contribute to a healthy and pain free leg. But not all compression socks & stockings in Mississauga are the same. There are different compression levels, and compression socks, providing different results depending on your problem. The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre of Ontario offers its products which can give the right kind of compression for you and are comfortable to wear. The right kind of high quality compression offers its strongest compression in the knee area, but lessens as it goes along the leg, providing a comfortable feel and flexible material to ensure that the socks can be worn for a prolonged period of time.

Mississauga compression socks & stockings are usually divided into four different levels.

The first provides a compression range from 8 to 15 mmHg. It provides a variety of support such as energizing legs and feet, prevents swelling and improves circulation.

The second level is between 16-20mmHg. It provides all the advantages of Level 1 but is also useful in handling ankle and leg swelling as well as swelling during pregnancy.

The 3rd and 4th levels offer a higher degree of support that the previous levels give – from mild to firm support. The Mississauga compression socks & stockings that PARC offers all accurately provide the right level of compression. Our team can also provide an analysis at what level you may need.

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