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In physiotherapy, patients who have suffered from injuries or illnesses, such as diabetes, congenital disorders, paralysis and degenerative diseases, and have undergone orthopedic surgery need support to rebuild their health. Surgical procedures will leave some pain and complications-causing trauma to the tissue. A person who has undergone a musculoskeletal surgery procedure such as spinal fusion may find himself suffering edema, leg swelling and puffiness caused by retention of excessive fluid in the body. Thrombosis, fatigue and muscle atrophy can be a problem as well.

Orthopedic rehabilitation is very important for these patients, and fortunately it is available for them in Ajax. Patients will undergo several sessions to address post-surgery rehabilitation, including stretching, healthy diet and exercise. For easing potential complications in the legs and to promote healing, Parc Ontario employs the use of compression socks and stockings in Ajax is, which are customized elastic garments worn around the legs to help with blood circulation in the lymphatic system. Compression socks and stockings applies pressure (measured in mmHg), around your limbs. They gently compress your veins, decreasing chances of developing venous stasis and pressure around the veins. It pushes blood to circulate throughout the body, instead of pooling in your legs and feet, speeding up the healing process. It also relieves aches, prevent varicose veins, and keeps legs feeling energized. Ambulatory patients typically wear gradient compression socks and stockings, while those in bed rest wear anti-embolism ones.

Choosing PARC Ontario

Compression socks and stockings are designed to be comfortable, as well as functional. Some people need a bit more limb pressure than others, so to get the healthiest level of compression you should visit a physiotherapists like the ones from PARC of Ontario right away. Our physical therapists and doctors will assess your needs, tracing your medical history, checking the condition of your veins and lymphatic system. Once they know what you need, they will be happy to direct you to a certified fitter in Ajax, for compression stockings and socks to help you choose which compression stockings and socks is best suited for you.

Your health is our biggest concern and the reason we entered into medicine. Our mission is to support you as you work through our programs, so that you’ll be up and about in no time! We’re a trusted name in Ajax, and our care is second to none. We’ve been in this service since 1995, and every year we keep improving and learning how to help you and others. We have advanced technology and well-maintained world-class facilities, to help you regain your strength and mobility. Our facility has cutting edge training equipment, a pool and a gym to encourage you to get moving again. We’ve designed our center so that every area is easily accessible, no matter how limited your mobility currently is.

Our patients come from every age group. And alongside our physiotherapy, we also offer chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, massage therapy, sports therapy and orthotics services.

Contacting us

Contact The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres of Ontario Ajax at 1 905-686-9081 or email us at: . Visit our clinic and drop by at 2235 Bayly St W Ajax, Ontario . We are open from Monday to Saturday, starting from 9AM. And remember if you need compression socks and stockings in Ajax, come to us first and get exactly what you need.