This traditional form of Chinese medicine has been gaining wide popularity not just among patients but also with healthcare providers. It has been shown to have significant benefits in a number of medical conditions such as joint and muscle problems, respiratory illness, and even serious ailments such as cancer and heart-related diseases.

Acupuncture is based on the theory that energy, which is called the chi, flows throughout the person’s body by way of pathways called meridians. It is believed that illnesses may surface when this energy is blocked or there is an imbalance of the chi. To correct these deficiencies, the flow of energy must be restored and balanced.

This is achieved by using very fine needles that are pierced in certain points of the body where the chi may have been blocked or not functioning properly. These needles are then stimulated to get the desired effects. Before proceeding with this procedure, our experts will first conduct an examination and evaluation on your conditions and determine if acupuncture is suitable for you.

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