The Acupuncture in Scarborough by the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centers

Acupuncture in Scarborough by the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centers (PARC)

For nearly 2 decades, the PARC has provided therapies and rehabilitation techniques that have helped and healed a lot of people. Equipped with a broad range of therapeutic services, we have stood out as one of the top therapeutic and health providers in the Ontario. Of our many services, one follows the art of the ancient Chinese art of Acupuncture. Acupuncture in Scarborough and surrounding areas has been provided by the PARC. This has allowed countless number of people to experience the ancient Chinese art and has helped them be healed of various kinds of diseases. By logging in to our website above you can learn more about what acupuncture service is and what it’s all about. You will be surprised on how helpful this ancient Chinese art is in healing and helping people recover from all kinds of diseases.

The acupuncture in Scarborough service that PARC provides follows the same principle on ancient Chinese acupuncture. The Chinese believed that energy guides the entire body. Inside the human body a flow of energy is present and if this flow is somehow disturbed or damaged, the human body cannot function to its optimum mode. With acupuncture, needles are used to press and pierce certain locations in the body where the “chi flow” may be blocked or clogged. By piecing these points, it allows the energy to flow back to its normal way. People who undergo various physical strains may have their chi flow damaged and thus acupuncture service may be a recommended therapy for those under stress.


The medical world is split in their views on acupuncture. Though no elaborate study has been made to prove its validity, it has shown to be an effective therapy in dealing with a variety of ailments and diseases. Muscle pains and problems are noted to be relieved through acupuncture. Other than muscle pains, heart complications and breathing complications became better after an acupuncture therapy all in all, this age old technique has proven to be effective in various conditions which is why PARC has incorporated this technique into their services.

If you want to avail of the acupuncture in Scarborough service, you can call the direct branch in Scarborough. Dial (416) 430-0314 for any appointments and inquiries about their services. You can also log in above to book appointments online. Visit the site and learn more about what other services we can do to help you. Call now and feel a different you.

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